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Successful Physical Therapy Treatments for Foot Pain

treatments-for-foot-painHow Are Your Feet?

Your feet are the base of your body. This is “where the rubber hits the road” so to speak.  If the base of your body is not doing well, you can rest assure the rest of it won’t be doing well either. Lots of us are very abusive to our bodies in general and to our feet in particular. You don’t have to live with foot pain! Many foot pain causes can be treated successfully with Physical Therapy.  There are many treatments for foot pain, from creams to surgery, but did you know Physical Therapy is one of the most successful long lasting treatments for many of the most common causes of foot pain?


Physical Therapy for Foot Pain:

Foot pain Physical Therapy methods have successfully treated plantar fasciitis, fractures, tendonitis, tears, sprains, strains, post-surgical rehabilitation, etc. Often, foot pain results from an acute injury or can be chronic due to arthritis, or chronic inflammation, or recurrent injuries due to balance issues. Some foot pain is generated from the spine or pelvis area and may be radiation from nerve branches, which supply the foot, or due to pelvis misalignment. Other conditions resulting in foot pain are progressive; say you have a bunion, which causes you to modify your gait as compensation. Over time you develop a different/abnormal gait pattern, which eventually lead to foot pain. Most of the time, the stage in which you actually feel pain isn’t necessarily the onset of your problem, but rather the point in which your body decides to raise a red flag or call you out.

Physical Therapy treatments for foot pain can be used to treat new injuries, chronic ailments, reoccurring conditions, and pain of unknown origins and post surgical rehabilitation.


 How Do We Go About It?

At Shaul’s Individualized Physical Therapy we look at the body and treat it holistically (think about it, no part of the body is isolated, every single piece is linked to other pieces directly or indirectly). When we assess a patient with a foot problem, we assess their back and pelvis first, than we assess their strength, range of motion and mobility of the little bones of the foot.

Often times we find that the main cause for the pain may be from pelvis misalignment and in those cases we would prefer to address this first (and often great pain reduction is achieved). We may use manual techniques such as mobilizations and Myofascial release to address tissue restrictions, also we may use modalities such as Ultrasound, Laser, Heat, Cold or Paraffin to address inflammation of the foot structure. When the person’s healing progresses, the next stage would be strengthening, balance and coordination activities. The key is to literally put you back on your feet and restore your function ASAP.

Don’t live with foot pain one day longer, when there is a Physical Therapy specialist that can successfully treat your foot pain.

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