Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical TherapyOn your first visit, you would be evaluated for your condition. The purpose of this evaluation is to pinpoint where the dysfunction lies in your body and how it manifests itself symptomatically. Such dysfunctions can range from joint stiffness, muscle spasm, fascial restrictions, misalignment, energy blockage, hypo/hyper mobility or any combination of the above. Once this is done, details of the findings and the nature of your condition will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be established/customized to address the problems (based upon your physician’s recommendations and the results of the evaluation). The therapist takes into account your expectations and goals, your age and your physical abilities. Your understanding of the problem is as significant for us as much as it is for you!

Physical Therapy Services

Exercise training and education is the cornerstone of our physical therapy program. As part of our rehabilitation programs, the therapist will teach you the appropriate exercises for your condition. Your attention and cooperation with your home exercise program is very significant to maintain the results achieved by the therapist at the clinic. Once you feel the effect of these exercises, there will be very little convincing needed. You will have enough incentive and motivation to do them!

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Superior quality of care, patient goal attainment, and patient satisfaction are the benchmarks that make S-I-P-T your best choice for Physical Therapy.

S-I-P-T is quickly becoming a community leader in optimizing standards of care. We uphold personalized one on one quality care with licensed physical therapists who can show you RESULTS.