Physical Therapy Resources (FAQ)

What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal experts who use a combination of hands-on therapy, exercises, education and modalities such as: Heat/Cold, Ultrasound, Electrical stimulation to treat various conditions and symptoms. The therapist begins by examining the patient, diagnosing the problem, and then customizes a personalized treatment plan for each patient’s different needs and goals. You may find different Physical Therapists with different specialties/knowledge and education level. Some are more "hands on" while others are more driven by modalities and machines. Today, Physical Therapists provide help for every part of the body to everyone from infants to the elderly.

What credentials do the physical therapists have?

All physical therapists must graduate from an Accredited Physical Therapy Program at the University level. As a graduate, a Physical Therapist must pass a National State Board Licensure Examination and possess an active state license for the state that they practice in.

Who will be treating me?

You will be evaluated and treated by one licensed Physical Therapist every visit for the entire visit and thru the entire course of your therapy!!!

How long will my first visit take?

Your first visit may take about 1-1.5 hours. You will be scheduled 15 minutes earlier to allow time to fill out paperwork. At S-I-P-T, we are very punctual. We respect your time and expect the same of you!

How often and long will I go for physical therapy at SIPT?

This depends on your condition. The Physical Therapist will discuss the results of you evaluation including the proper frequency of your visits. Frequency may be reduced progressively, depends on your progress. Plan to be in session about 1- 1.5 hours in general.

What are the differences between your facility and others?

Our therapists are trained to superior level standards.  That is why we are known for helping patients with the toughest to treat conditions. We strongly believe that for the amount of money you and/or your insurance carrier are being charged, you deserve full attention by a licensed/educated and knowledgeable PHYSICAL THERAPIST.

We don’t appreciate the fact that most other facilities delegate treatment of their patients to assistants and aides; of course, that is the way they are able to generate more money! In addition, we are using manual “hands on” techniques and approaches. We do not use an “assembly line” routine treating our patients! The care here is individualized and customized to your needs.

What are the differences between you and a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors believe that pathologies (problems) are the result of skeletal misalignment of the spine and therefore, realignment of the bones may solve the problem. We also treat spinal problems (as well as peripheral joints) but address the skeletal and the muscular components together. Based on your evaluation results, we will use various manual (and other) techniques to realign your head, spine and pelvis. Thereafter, we will teach you how to realign your own body to prevent you from recurrent condition and so preventing you from continually spending money caring for your back!!!

What are the differences between you and a Masseuse?

Physical therapy is not Massage! Physical therapists incorporate various massage techniques in their treatment, however, the scope of their practice goes well beyond it and involves mobilizations/manipulations, gait training, strengthening/stretching etc. Masseuse education of Musculo-Skeletal (problems of bones, muscles and joints) function and problems is more limited than physical therapists. A masseuse would be addressing the muscular component of a problem without addressing the skeletal component-we address the skeletal and the muscular components together. A masseuse does not practice under Physician’s orders and does not require a college degree.

Do I need prescription for this?

Yes. A Physical Therapist in the state of Michigan is required to practice under Physician’s (M.D. / D.O. / Dentist/ Podiatrist) order only. Evaluation of your condition is allowed to take place without Rx and we will be happy to do so, free of charge, if deemed necessary.

My doctor gave me an Rx. Can I use it at your facility?

Absolutely. You have the right to use your Rx anywhere you wish. No one can force you to use one provider over another (Just as you have the right to take your drug Rx to any pharmacy you choose).

What if I want to pay privately?

If you don’t have any insurance coverage, if you have exhausted your coverage, or if you are interested in a “maintenance” type of service (which means you don’t require any skilled care) – you will still need a prescription from a physician. Please contact us for rates.

Do I need to do any exercises?

No matter how excellent our approach is … we don’t go home with you after your sessions! Therefore, you will be taught how to maintain the results of the therapy achieved in the clinic so you may regain your independence and guard against re-injury.

I had physical therapy before and it did not help. How can you help?

At S-I-P-T we see many patients who have had therapy before which did not help. The combination of our highly trained physical therapists, one on one treatments, and experience with difficult to treat cases means we can help people where others have failed.

Are Physical Therapy services covered under my insurance plan?

We accept most commercial insurers, worker’s compensation and auto claims. We will obtain prior authorization by your insurance carrier and will submit the claim on your behalf. We are Medicare and Blue Cross-Blue Shield providers.


Unlike most other facilities, we do not utilize assistants, aides or other unqualified personnel.

If you are in pain due to an accident, injury, inactivity, arthritis; if you have foot pain or you are postpartum; have headaches/migraines call us first. Save yourself frustration while maximizing your insurance dollars!