Commerce Michigan Physical Therapy Clinic

Have you ever had a Physical Therapy experience in which you were rolled over from one person to another? Handled by non-professional personnel? Or had actual contact with the therapist for only a few minutes?

Well, here we don’t do that!

At S-I-P-T, you will have a single therapist’s attention 100% of the session!

We treat clients on site at our clinic in Commerce Township. We offer appointments at irregular times, such as early in the morning before you head to work, late in the evening and Saturdays.

Unlike most other facilities, we do not utilize assistants, aides or other unqualified personnel.

If you are in pain due to an accident, injury, inactivity, arthritis; if you have foot pain or you are postpartum; have headaches/migraines call us first. Save yourself frustration while maximizing your insurance dollars!