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Elbow Wrist and Hand Exercises
Foot and Ankle Exercises
Hip and Knee Exercises
lumbo sacral exercises
Neck Exercises
Shoulder Exercises

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  • These videos serve only as complements to the written instructions you were given in the clinic. They do not replace or override your written instructions!
  • These exercises were chosen by your therapist to complement your therapy and fit your specific condition.
  • Please do not give them to another person – they may be harmful for that person!!!
  • Please do not perform any exercise that was not prescribed for you!
  • It is important to perform all of the above exercises SLOW to be most effective.
  • Information, pictures, and videos contained in this website are the property of Shaul’s Individualized Physical Therapy, PC and cannot be copied, reproduced, or retransmitted without express written consent of the owner. Violators will be prosecuted.
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