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Successful Physical Therapy Treatments for Foot Pain

How Are Your Feet? Your feet are the base of your body. This is “where the rubber hits the road” so to speak.  If the base of your body is not doing well, you can rest assure the rest of it won’t be doing well either. Lots of us are very abusive to our bodies […]

Physical Therapist: How to Identify and Find a Physical Therapist

What is a Physical Therapist? A physical therapist or PT is a professional, who went to school and holds a degree in the field of physical therapy. A physical therapist is also required to be authorized and licensed by the state in which he or she practices. Some physical therapists were athletic trainers first, and […]

Hands-On Physical Therapy: What Is It? How Is It Different from Other Forms Of Physical Therapy?

Many people are confused by the different types of physical therapy and the benefits they provide. In this article, we describe Hands-On physical therapy. Hands-On or Hands-Off? When it comes to physical therapy, there are two basic approaches to treatment: Hands-On and Hands-Off. Hands-on physical therapy tries to reach and treat the source of the [...]